Links to the Derby City Council's ePlanning site for objections to the further demolition of this beautiful building can be found here.

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The communities own Save Derby Hippodrome Group

Save Derby
Hippodrome Petition

Articles in The Derby Telegraph
DHRF launch - 4th September '09
Criticism over lack of security fencing - 14th October '09
An excellent column by Anton Rippon - 18th November '09
Protect it from the elements - 27th November '09
Hippo for sale - 2nd Devember '09
Hippo price is unrealistic 3rd December '09

Articles in The Stage Newspaper
Derby Hippodrome restoration story - 15th September '09
Derby City Council Failing to Protect the Hippo - 6th October '09
Derby Hippodrome Price Tag - 'A Joke' - 8th December '09

The Theatres Trust entry on the Derby Hippodrome (for description and photos)

Derby New Theatre Association - Ambassadors in the promotion of The Derby Hippodrome - please join them!

There are four videos on YouTube

There are many photos of the devastation at
28 Days Later - Urban Exploration Website. Particularly here and here.

The Derby Gripe - Activist website for Derbyshire