Our Six Point Plan to Restore the Hippodrome

The Initiation Plan had a target of £12,500 - This has already been achieved and was spent on the Options Appraisal plus other initial expenses.

  1. The Management Plan - target is to raise £3,000 by early 2013. This is the plan we are launching now and we hope that a large number of you who read this will each donate £5.00. It will keep us going for the next two years.
  2. The Pre-application Plan - target is to raise £25,000 in pledges by April 2013; the money will be needed following a positive result of the Feasibility Study, which is scheduled to be issued then. The money will be spent on developing our Pre-application bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
  3. The Development Plan - target is to raise £250,000 to develop the initial design assuming we are successful in our pre-application bid but we would anticipate receiving half of this from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF Stage 1). We will start this part of the plan in April 2013.
  4. The Acquisition Plan - target is to raise £750,000 to cover cost of purchase and associated immediate expenses of legal fees, insurance, security, etc. We would expect this to be needed towards the end of 2013 or early 2014.
  5. The Design Plan - we will need £1.75M for this with a start date of early 2014.
  6. The Restoration Plan - this target is £15 to £25M to be raised over the period 2015 to 2017.

Some of these targets may look very large but achieving them will all depend on the small donations at the beginning: once we can demonstrate a significant low level support the larger sums will become easier. And, of course, we will be looking to the large grant giving organisations for the major contribution. Please visit our '
What can I do?" page for more information...