What can YOU do to help?
DHRT will need your help and will publish here the things you can do to assist them

We need three forms of help: demonstration of support for the project, joining the Trust as a Member and donations, large and small.

Firstly please sign our petition -

  • Demonstration of Support: Join us on and twitter – we will use these pages to keep you up to date with progress.
  • Join as a Member: this costs a minimum of £10.00 and entitles you to help run the Trust. Please complete and send in an Application Form.
  • Donations: now that the Feasibility Study is underway, we need some more funds to realise our dream. Although the final sum of money we need to raise is large, there is a very important phase now coming up in which we are looking for very small donations: these will have a major effect on our future prospects.

So, in November 2012 we are launching a plea for donations of £5.00 each from all our supporters.

Why are we looking for such small sums now? We have analysed our future needs for cash and developed a Six Point Plan. What we are looking for now is £3,000 to run the Trust for the next two years. Much of the work has been, and will continue to be, on a pro bono basis. However, there are a number of costs such as postage and the printing of newsletters and leaflets, which have to be paid for. We currently have well over 500 supporters and followers: if all of you were to donate a very small sum, for example £5.00 each, then, with a few donating a bit more, we would achieve our £3,000 target. Our JustTextGiving scheme makes this very simple and, if you pay income tax, you can “Gift Aid” it as well. Why don’t you do it now before you forget?

Let’s get the ball rolling with your donations; Please take a moment to look at the donation form (below) and send us your donation or, better still, phone your donation through using our JustTextGiving scheme: this will avoid the cost of postage.


If you wish you can complete the Application/donation form application and gift aid forms here to become a member of the trust.

What the Hippodrome could look like after restoration

You can also join our andtwitter pages which has breaking up-to-the-moment news, views and opinions and will be the first place we will publish details of how you can further support the Trust.

Please don’t forget to
email your support to DHRT.